The Starting Solopreneur Strategy Plan℠

How to Ease Overwhelm and Take Business-Defining Action with 1-Bite-Sized Step


It's normal for every solopreneur to experience overwhelm when starting their business. Overwhelm can take many forms, from procrastination to trying every new client attraction fad or fancy and expensive productivity app.

This can result in confusion, frustration, self-doubt, stuckness, exhaustion, idea switching, uncontrolled spending, endless learning, and even losing the desire to build a business altogether.

I should know, I went through each and every stage of this.

If you are overwhelmed by all the conflicting business advice that only remind you of everything you're doing wrong instead of helping you to distinguish and focus on what's truly important, then it's time to take a step back.

Feeling like you don't know what you're doing or what action to take next is very normal because you've never built a business from scratch before but with The Starting Solopreneur Strategy Plan℠, you will know exactly what to focus on next.


Hi! I'm Nadia.

I help Starting solopreneurs BUILD AN overwhelm-free business!

I work as a strategic partner supporting solopreneurs to create a vision for their business and identify, craft, and implement the right resources, systems, processes, and tools necessary to achieve their vision.

I am a Business Efficiency Strategist and G Suite Expert. I have a Master of Science in Information and Library Science and 15 years experience in information management, project management, process improvement, and systems administration.

As a lover of technology and systems, when I began my entrepreneurial journey, I found myself inundated by the amount of advice on the market to manage my business. I soon realized that I was putting the cart before the horse as I was spending money, not yet earned, on expensive and sometimes over-complicated tools and programs.

So, I learned how to bootstrap my business operations to save money and increase productivity so that I could focus simply on the right activities to grow my business.

Now, I'm passionate about helping solopreneurs streamline business operations and maximize productivity by eliminating costly inefficiencies and strategically thinking about their business so they can experience greater personal freedom and reduce stress and overwhelm.

My business was about 18 months old when I started working with Nadia, and undergoing rapid growth. When my website visitors quadrupled in a month, it exposed the weak points in my DIY systems that I'd put together in start up. I wasn't sure if Nadia would be able to help me wrangle my 5 funnels, 30 apps, busy client booking calendar, and membership program but I was impressed with her calm competence. With a combination of coaching, demonstrations and doing for me; my CRM processes got much more efficient. Over the month of our working together my income doubled, and more importantly I felt more calm, confident, and in control than ever before.

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